RF modules enable sub-GHz wireless IP mesh network

RF modules enable sub-GHz wireless IP mesh network

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Radiocrafts' RIIM (Radiocrafts Industrial IP Mesh) uses 6LoWPAN, a lightweight version of IPv6 allowing users to access each sensor and controller from the internet using IP addressing.
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The radio protocol uses IEEE 802.15.4 g/e providing bi-directional communications with short transmission pulses that enables dense networks with high reliability and very low power consumption. The RF module combines with a simple set-up and a novel solution to interface any sensor or actuator, dubbed ICI for Intelligent C-programmable I/O. The new interface allows customers to create complex applications managing and interfacing sensors and actuators in less than 100 lines of C-code, removing the need for an external microcontroller in the devices. A complete RIIoT network includes sensor nodes based on the RC1882CEF-IPM module. The module can be configured as any of the required network nodes, a border router, a mesh router or a leaf node. The new Wireless IP Mesh solution is low cost, does not require any license or subscription, and is very low power, supporting a 5-year lifetime on a 2000 mAh coin cell battery. Range is up to 20km, line of sight, with support for up to 29 mesh hops.

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