RFID systems realiability boosted by multibeam antenna

RFID systems realiability boosted by multibeam antenna

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By Jean-Pierre Joosting

Contactless recognition of marked objects by means of RFID technology can help accelerating a variety of processes in production, logistics and trade. For applications where high accuracy in object identification is required, powerful antennas capable of capturing the stored RFID tags on the transponder are instrumental.

Fraunhofer IIS has developed a multibeam antenna for such reading scenarios. Nine controllable beams ensure accurate transponder detection within the flexible illumination range of the antenna and for improved reliability of RFID systems.

The antenna generates up to nine individual beams, which allow a directed detection of transponders. Thus, users can achieve a larger spatial coverage range and a higher accuracy without mechanical re-adjustment of the antenna. RFID transponders can be addressed and read out individually.

The adjustable beams of the antenna replace several distributed individual antennas. The lower number of antennas required for simultaneous operation reduces the acquisition costs as well as the installation and maintenance costs.

The exchange of standard antennas with the multibeam antenna improves the readout accuracy of RFID identification systems. The multibeam antenna, for example, supports the detection of movement directions to distinguish between incoming and outgoing goods as well as moving and stationary objects. By means of the direction detection, users of RFID systems can better select which transponders are actually to be detected.

In addition, the antenna is optimized for bulk detection, that is, simultaneous scanning of large transponder quantities. The multibeam antenna also achieves reliable detection rates for metallic objects or liquid containers.

The antenna works in combination with common readers and can be easily integrated into existing RFID systems. It is suitable for all applications in the UHF range and can be used both indoors and outdoors. With its broadband frequency range from 860 to 960 MHz, it complies with international RFID standards and can therefore be used worldwide.

The Multibeam antenna can be used wherever electronic identification systems support processes for the acquisition, allocation and monitoring of materials, parts and goods. In particular in the areas of retail, healthcare, automotive and electronics industry, logistics and transport, production and automation, RFID technology accelerates processes and increases the transparency of processes.

As of August 2017, the multibeam antenna is available from the first small series produced for pilots. Prospective customers can then test the antenna in practice use and, even before launching the market, shape the final phase of product customization according to their requirements.

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