RGB digital light sensor tunes display’s brightness

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The chip communicates directly with a device’s core processor to enable the automatic adjustment of display brightness based on changing light conditions, providing consumers with a crisp and colour consistent experience while extending battery life. The chip comes as a 6-lead 1.65×1.65×0.75mm RGB sensor.

With integrated, robust on-chip IR filtering technology and an angular response of a minimum of +/- 35% field of view at 50% light intensity, the ISL29125 RGB sensor eliminates display fluctuations, whether one is in an incandescent lit classroom, an LED lit store or outdoors in the sun.
More specifically for organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display TV applications, the ISL29125 can be used to adjust the blue organic material ageing profile to maintain consistent contrast and brightness throughout the life of the display.

The IC operates from 2.25 to 3.63V, it has a wide dynamic range of 5.7m lux to 10k lux detection capabilities. In power down mode, the RGB sensor consumes less than 0.5uA of current and on active mode it runs at approximately 85uA.


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