Ride the wave! – Discover the world of Software Defined Radio

Ride the wave! – Discover the world of Software Defined Radio

By eeNews Europe

This weekend, depending on the weather, most likely you will spent some serious time behind your computer. To browse, read, check Instagram, watch YouTube, hour after hour. If you are a electronics engineer you should consider ‘Riding the wave’. Almost for 10 years now, the University of Twente (The Netherlands) is operating a WebSDR feed where you can tune in to all sorts of RF noise and discover what is happening there.


You will not only discover a new radio world (try to find the great stories and history of Number Radio Signals), but you will also get introduced in the world of Software Defined Radio, a technology that is used in many systems where you want to transfer ‘something to somewhere’. The big challenge for Software Defined Radio is to bring the RF signal as close as possible to the Analog to Digital converter, most ideally hook the antenne straight into the AD, convert the signal into digital numbers allowing you to start analysing and manipulating the signal. Everyone with a little understating of the nature of RF signals will know that this is not an easy task. This is ‘high-school’ engineering. 

To start you only need a computer, go to and start ´riding the wave’!

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