RISC-V expansion board for Linux software and firmware developers

RISC-V expansion board for Linux software and firmware developers
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In collaboration with SiFive, Microsemi has launched the HiFive Unleashed Expansion Board as part of its Mi-V RISC-V ecosystem, aiming to broaden the capabilities of SiFive's HiFive Unleashed RISC-V development board, further enabling software and firmware engineers to write Linux-based applications targeting a 1GhZ+ RISC-V 64 bit central processing unit (CPU).
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The HiFive Unleashed Expansion Board allows developers to implement custom peripherals in the on-board PolarFire field programmable gate array (FPGA). Plugged into HiFive Unleashed developers can implement a full-fledged RISC-V personal computer (PC) by enabling standard PCI Express (PCIe) devices, USB and secure digital cards to connect to SiFive’s Freedom U540 RISC-V processor. Additional features of the HiFive Unleashed Expansion Board include a PCIe root complex, serial advanced technology attachment (SATA) port, M.2 SSD port, two USB ports, HDMI, double data rate fourth-generation (DDR4) memory expansion, an embedded multi-media controller (eMMC) managed NAND Flash and secure digital card slot.
RISC-V is a free and open ISA enabling a new era of processor innovation through open standard collaboration. As the ISA is frozen, software which is written will always run on the RISC-V core, and since the RISC-V IP core is not encrypted, it can be used to ensure trust and certifications not possible with closed architectures. 

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