Riscure is named an accredited evaluation lab for DPA testing program

Riscure is named an accredited evaluation lab for DPA testing program

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The program specifies procedures for rigorous independent testing of products to evaluate their resistance to DPA and related side channel attacks to help chip purchasers and downstream customers identify devices with the most effective security.

The security research company is now certified to independently test SoCs and FPGAs to validate security of chips used in set-top boxes, game consoles and mobile devices.  Cryptography Research accredited Riscure because of its expertise in testing complex devices for security against DPA and side channel attacks.

“Protection against DPA is increasingly critical for a broad spectrum of SoCs and devices,” said Pascal van Gimst, director, sales and business development at Riscure. “We’re pleased to be a part of CRI’s DPA countermeasure validation program, which is crucial in helping our customers understand and ensure security at both the hardware and software layers of set-top boxes, game consoles, mobile phones, tablets and other devices.”

Riscure, with offices located in San Francisco and the Netherlands, joins Brightsight BV in the Netherlands, Thales CEACI in France and T-Systems in Germany, as the fourth security evaluation facility accredited to conduct testing under the DPA countermeasure validation program. Products that pass the rigorous testing conducted by accredited labs become eligible to carry the “DPA Lock” certification symbol.

Pankaj Rohatgi, technical director, hardware security solutions at CRI, said: “This accreditation reflects Riscure’s extensive expertise in security testing, including side-channel analysis of smart card ICs, pay television SoCs, FPGAs and other devices.”

Differential power analysis attacks extract secret keys by analyzing measurements in the power consumption of a target device. Cryptography Research licenses DPA countermeasure technologies to a broad spectrum of chip and product vendors, included in over six billion devices a year. The DPA countermeasure validation program specifies a suite of tests to verify the effectiveness of a device’s countermeasures against power analysis attacks.

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