Robotic design contest to take place at Freescale’s Technology Forum

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To coincide with the contest, the company has introduced a sensor development kit and new Tower Mechatronics Board that contestants will use for their designs. The Tower Mechatronics Board enables designers to write software for a variety of sensor applications. When used in the Freescale sensor robot, the Tower board is capable of making the robot walk and respond to touch, motion, vibration and other external stimuli. The Freescale robot is a nine-inch tall, four degrees of freedom bipedal walking robot, with a 32-bit ‘brain’ and a three-axis accelerometer for balance.

To be eligible to participate in the Freescale Make It Challenge, contestants must attend FTF and complete an online course and quiz or one of two training courses offered at the forum.

The Make It Challenge will have two tracks:
1. Mechatronics Robot Track
2. Tower System Track

The challenge is limited to the first 200 registrants (100 per track), and participants can choose to enter one or both tracks. Each contestant in the Mechatronics Robot Track will receive the Freescale robot (FSLBOT) that contains the Tower Mechatronics board (TWR-MECH), as well as FSLBOT code. Participants in the Tower System Track will receive a Tower System kit containing one controller module selected by the participant. Contestants in both tracks will have access to the on-site FTF Make It Lab, where they can work on their designs and interact with Freescale technology experts.

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More info about the Freescale Tower Mechatronics at

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