Robust, freezable electronic shelf labels

Robust, freezable electronic shelf labels

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The 11.5” x 0.5” display is intended for electronic shelf label (ESL) applications where ultra-high-speed updating is not essential. The EPD from Plastic Logic allows signage to be updated wirelessly and dynamically without being easily damaged like paper labels. This new EPD can also be used in freezer aisles, where there had been worries about the updating ability of EPDs in sub-zero conditions without special engineering.

Plastic Logic’s EDP has extremely low power consumption, wide viewing angles and clear readability under store lighting. The EPD is an organic TFT active matrix with a greyscale 1380 x 96 pixels 120ppi display with up to 16 shade levels. A colour option will be available soon. Gate and source drivers are included.

Developers who wish to test the technology can use the EPD evaluation kit, which is controlled by a Beaglebone SBC connected to the EPD by LAN, Wifi or Bluetooth.

Custom display sizes are available on request.

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