Rohde & Schwarz to highlight mmWave test at EuMW

Rohde & Schwarz to highlight mmWave test at EuMW

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By Jean-Pierre Joosting

Rohde & Schwarz will be demonstrating at EuMW in London a full spectrum of microwave test products spanning Gigahertz to Terahertz.

One of the highlights is the recently introduced FSPN. As a pure phase noise analyzer and VCO tester, the FSPN provides an unrivaled combination of performance with superb sensitivity, accuracy, reliability, and ease of use. Rohde & Schwarz designed the new instrument to meet the requirements for both production test and design engineers who perform high speed, real-time phase noise measurements using sources that require high phase stability in demanding applications, such as synthesizers, VCOs, OCXOs, and DROs. The FSPN expands the Rohde & Schwarz phase noise product portfolio which already contains the successful, market-leading ultra-high-performance FSWP phase noise, spectrum and signal analyzer.

Also on show is the VSESIM-VSS signal creation and analysis tool which combines EDA simulation with RF testing. Rohde & Schwarz and Cadence have collaborated to provide this tool, aimed at simplifying the engineering process from RF design to implementation and enhancing accuracy by using realistic signals for testing both design simulations and hardware implementations. The VSESIM-VSS speeds up the development process for RF components and is particularly useful for customers in the wireless, automotive, and aerospace and defense industries as well as for manufacturers of active components and systems.

Rohde & Schwarz recently launched a new portable benchtop vector network analyzer providing a complete set of S-parameters for 2-port devices up to 20 GHz. The ZNL20 provides the frequency range necessary to investigate even third harmonics for 5 GHz and 6 GHz band technologies such as wireless LAN or mobile radio.

Plus, there are new additions to the signal and spectrum analyzer test portfolio. A new base model for the portable benchtop  FPL1000 signal and spectrum analyzer up to 26.5 GHz is on display at EuMW, which combines the functions of a benchtop instrument with the portability of a handheld instrument, with intuitive features to make high performance spectrum analysis on the go fast and simple. Further, Rohde & Schwarz has extended its popular Spectrum Rider FPH family with new base models offering measurement frequencies up to 44 GHz. The new models of the rugged Spectrum Rider FPH deliver solid RF performance for measurements in the field and in the lab for applications like verification of 5G, broadcast, radar, defense and satellite communications links.

With the FSMR3000, Rohde & Schwarz is showing a new microwave measurement receiver to calibrate signal generators and attenuators with one single instrument. Most important features provided are tuned RF level measurements, level measurements, analog modulation and spectrum analysis. Additionally, the FSMR3000 can be equipped with powerful hardware for high-end phase noise test supplementary to the standard phase noise test with the spectrum analyzer. It also offers digital and analog modulation signal analysis, 80 MHz analysis bandwidth, analysis of pulses and VOR/ILS signals. The FSMR3000 as a single box instrument is designed to reduce complexity in calibration.

For automotive customers, Rohde & Schwarz displays the RTS radar test system. It allows driving scenarios to be generated entirely over the air interface for testing radar sensors essential for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving (AD) vehicles capable of monitoring cross traffic. The product consists of the AREG800A automotive radar echo generator as a backend and the QAT100 antenna array as a frontend. Objects moving across the direction of travel can be simulated by electronically switching individual antennas on and off in the frontend. This allows tests currently performed in real-world test drives to be relocated to the lab, enabling errors to be detected at an early stage and delivering significant cost savings.

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