Rohm adds thermal analysis to Solution Simulator

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By Christoph Hammerschmidt

The Solution Simulator enables a wide range of simulations: from component selection to individual components to system-level verification. Simple and accurate verification of Rohm products such as SiC components in power semiconductors, driver/power supply ICs and passive components (e.g. shunt resistors) in solution circuits under realistic application conditions can thus be realised.

The software was launched in 2020. The aim of the cloud-based software is to support the development of application circuits designed to deliver high performance in the automotive and industrial equipment markets. In this context, the Rohm Solution Simulator enables full circuit testing of power semiconductor and analogue ICs.

The newly added thermal analysis feature can be implemented in solution circuits for devices and applications where heat can be an issue in electronic circuit design. These include PTC heaters, heaters designed specifically for electric vehicles without internal combustion engines, which are equipped with IGBTs and shunt resistors. Other examples include DC/DC converter ICs and LED drivers to meet the increasing demand for simulation of temperature during circuit operation. Rohm believes that the Solution Simulator is the only simulator on the market that provides web-based, electrically and thermally coupled analysis of not only semiconductor chip (junction) temperature during operation, but also pin temperatures and thermal effects of board components on solution circuits that include power semiconductors and ICs as well as passive components. The result: Thermal analyses that used to take up to a day can now be carried out in about ten minutes.

The Rohm Solution Simulator can be used free of charge after registering on the Rohm website:


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