Roof built-in photovoltaic tiling system is self-financing

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The system fulfils all technical standards for fire prevention, rain-proofing as well as the impacts of wind, snow loads and hail. It has, in addition, significantly less weight than a classic roof cladding. While conventional roofing tiles weigh about 40kg per square meter, on top of which must be added a solar system, the Easy-in solar modules put only a light 15kg per square meter on the roof, which presents a significant advantage for structural integrity. The modules do not require any additional mounting system. This function has already been integrated into the module frame, which is mounted with suction anchors screwed directly to the roof battens. The modules replace traditional roofing tiles. The installation is very easy: The upper module frame is hooked over the roof battens and all additional modules are pushed together with a tongue-and-groove connection, screwed together.

The new in-roof system is delivered as complete packages including all necessary parts, inverters and cables. These kits are available in three sizes, 3 kWp, 5 kWp and 10 kWp, coming in packs of twelve, twenty and forty modules. The packaging expedites delivery and decreases logistics. Power density is up to 138 Watts per square meter.

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