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At the 5G Global Summit on October 20/21 in Busan (South Korea), Rohde & Schwarz presents a compact test setup for signal generation and analysis at frequencies up to 67 GHz. The setup comprises the vendor’s high-end vector signal generator SMW200A for frequencies up to 20 GHz, a harmonics mixer from R&S subsidiary Radiometer Physics GmbH (RPG) and the spectrum analyser R&S FSW67. This equipment enables users to evaluate new technologies for the 5G PHY air interfaces and thus drive the development of components, antennae and chipsets for future base stations and terminal devices.

The SMW200A comprises two integrated RF signal paths and a Wideband I/Q modulator with a bandwidth of 2 GHz. The internal baseband section with an I/Q modulation bandwidth of 160 MHz masters all digital communication standards; fading simulators can be patched into the signal path as required. As an alternative, the integrated ARB generator allows users to generate complex, digitally modulated signals for all relevant frequency bands including the E-band from 60 to 90 GHz.

The FSW67 analyses signals up to 67 GHz at an analysis bandwidth of 500 MHz, offering an analog IF exit with 2 GHz bandit which enables the further analysis of broadband signals. With this feature set, it is particularly suited for demanding measurement tasks in 5G development.

5G is intended not only to enhance existing LTE and LTE Advanced mobile data networks but also create a novel technological framework for a range of usage scenarios which include support for a far higher number of communication terminals than today’s networks. One approach to meet the demand for higher overall system capacity and higher data rates is extending the usable frequency spectrum into the millimetre wave range. With a mximum frequency of 67 GHz, Rohde & Schwarz’ test solution demoed in Busan meets these requirements.

The measurement instrument manufacturer supports the 5G global summit in Korea as a gold sponsor. The company also is active in a number of 5G initiatives worldwide; among them are the 5G Innovation Centre in Surrey (UK) and the 5G Lab in Dresden (Germany).

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