Rugged SBC offers flexible I/O for data processing in compact displays

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The SC27 is aimed at LCD TFT displays with screens from 7" to 15" and a maximum resolution of 1280 x 768 pixels and reliably operates in compact spaces where conditions are rugged, like in mass transportation, where the SBC can be used in driver consoles or for in-seat displays. Critical industrial controls also benefit from the rugged, compact structure and highly adaptable I/O of the SC27.
The fanless SBC dissipates up to 7 Watts and includes a temperature sensor to monitor and control the display, enabling reliable operation over an extended temperature range of -40 degrees C to +85 degrees C.
Up to 2 GB of DDR2 SDRAM memory, with an 800 MHz bus frequency, as well as 16 Mbits of boot Flash come standard on the SC27. The board also includes an mSATA slot with transfer rates of up to 3Gbit/s as well as a microSD slot via USB.
For real-time data requirements, wireless communication via WiFi, WiMAX, GSM/GPRS, UMTS, HSDPA and LTE can be provided via the PCI Express Mini Card and the microSIM card slot.
Standard I/O includes a Fast Ethernet port via an M12 connector, two USB ports and a GPS interface as well as an RS232 or RS422/485 interface. Additional I/O functions, such as CAN bus and UART, can be added via MEN Micro’s universal SA Adapters, which provide the physics for legacy serial I/O, fieldbus interfaces and other small I/O functions.
The SC27 comes with an internal 10 V to 50.4 V wide range power supply, either 24 VDC or 36 VDC nominal, or it can be optionally supplied by a Power over Ethernet (PoE) source of 37 V to 57 V, 48 VDC nominal, depending on application requirements.
In addition to being prepared for conformal coating, all components are soldered to withstand shock up to 50 m/s for 30 ms and lifetime vibration of 7.9 m/s as well as functional vibration of 1 m/s from 5 Hz to 150 Hz. The board supports both Windows and Linux, and is certified to EN 50155 for railway operation.
Pricing for the SC27 is $1,042.


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