Runtime variable monitoring and visualization tool is multi-OS

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STM32CubeMonitor provides an extensive set of powerful features that simplify access to valuable insights. Leveraging its graphical flow editor, users simply drag and drop items and features to build custom dashboards, and quickly add widgets such as gauges, bar graphs, plots, with no need for programming. By taking advantage of the Node-RED open community, STM32CubeMonitor provides an unlimited choice of extensions able to address a wide diversity of application types.

Native support of multi-format displays helps visualize the application behavior on host devices in various form factors such as PCs, tablets, or mobiles. STM32CubeMonitor also supports remote data acquisition, which enables users to monitor applications across a network and test multiple devices simultaneously. In addition, real-time watching of variables with non-intrusive real-time write capability helps fine-tune applications that cannot be stopped, such as motor-control applications. Two functional modes let users work in a way that best meets their needs. The Design mode allows users to create and edit new monitoring user interfaces for specific applications, while the Operator mode supports straightforward deployment of pre-built user interfaces to enable vivid demonstrations and field testing.

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