Rutronik inks European-wide distribution deal with Redpine Signals

Rutronik inks European-wide distribution deal with Redpine Signals

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Rutronik Elektronische Bauelemente GmbH is to begin distributing the entire Redpine Signals product range throughout Europe. With 802.11n chipsets, modules and systems, Redpine offers integrated wireless solutions.
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The ultra low-power and high-performance products are ideal for applications in the medical, industrial, automotive, smart energy, building automation and high-end consumer markets. The US company also offers firmware, drivers, reference designs and development kits.

“It is virtually unheard of for a module manufacturer to develop its own chips,” said Bernd Hantsche, Manager Wireless Competence Centre at Rutronik. “This gives Redpine more influence on the functions and performance of the chips than other providers, enabling it to supply extremely innovative products with a high degree of integration. Within a short period of time, its customers are able to bring groundbreaking solutions with true USPs to the market.“

Current focus products marketed by Redpine Signals include the n-Link wi-fi modules. They provide a high data throughput of 65 Mbps with low power consumption. The modules feature an integrated MAC, a baseband processor, an RF transceiver and a power amplifier. Thanks to their small size, they can also be inserted in handheld devices and other portable consumer products. The Redpine Connect-io-n range fulfils the highest demands regarding the degree of integration. The Single Stream 802.11n modules contain all the functionality required by a WLAN client, thereby expanding embedded solutions with futureproof ‘plug-and-play’ wi-fi connectivity. Some Connect-io-n modules also have a complete networking stack which facilitates the connection to numerous existing embedded systems without making demands on their microcontrollers.

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