S3 offers ADC cores for consumer SoCs

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The 12-bit SAR ADC has sampling rate of 160Msamples per second and is the first member of a family of cores being developed by S3 for deployment in consumer ICs.

The 12-bit SAR ADC is intended for use in SoCs that may require LTE and 802.11ac wireless connectivity. When implemented in a 40nm CMOS process from Chinese foundry Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. (SMIC) the core consumes 6mW while occupying 0.09 square millimeters of silicon. The same ADC in 28nm CMOS would consume 3mW and occupy less than 0.06 square millimeters, S3 said.

Dermot Barry, vice president of the silicon business unit at S3 Group, said: "This exciting launch today marks the first in a series of dynamic ADCs available from S3 Group which set a new standard of performance per milliWatt enabling our customers to bring superior differentiating consumer products to market faster."

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