Samsung backs terahertz pioneer for chip inspection

Samsung backs terahertz pioneer for chip inspection

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The money is being provided to enable TeraView to develop systems for the inspection of chip sets used in mobile consumer electronics.

Samsung Ventures led the round in collaboration with Nordson Dage, a vendor of x-ray inspection systems. Q Street Capital and the Low Carbon Innovation Fund also participated in the funding round. Nordson views terahertz imaging and characterization as complementary to its x-ray products.

TeraView was founded in 2001 as a spin off from Cambridge University and Toshiba Research Europe and has worked over the subsequent years to identify market opportunities for the use of terahertz technology.

The funding will be used to transition its current products in high-throughput inspection systems optimized for production lines and to increase sales and support in Asia and the United States. The money will also support the use of terahertz waves for coatings inspection in the automotive, pharmaceutical and other industries. Don Arnone, CEO of TeraView, said that the funding has come at a critical and exciting time when applications of terahertz light are being validated and rapidly expanded."

Terahertz light lies between the infra red and microwave parts of the spectrum, and as such has unique properties which enables it to pass through objects and to transmit images and compositional spectroscopic information that is normally hidden. It does this while being non-destructive and safe.

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