Samsung goes 12-high with HBM3E 36Gbyte DRAM

Samsung goes 12-high with HBM3E 36Gbyte DRAM

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By Peter Clarke

Samsung Electronics has developed the HBM3E 12H, a 12-stack HBM3E DRAM with a memory capacity of 36Gbytes.

The chip is sampling with mass production slated for 1H24 and is part of a race to catch up with HBM market leader SK Hynix (see SK Hynix has ‘sold out’ of HBM DRAMs for 2024 and Micron begins production of a ‘better’ HBM3E memory).

HBM is a DRAM-based product that achieves higher data processing speeds compared to single-plane DRAMs by vertically connecting multiple DRAM die with through-silicon vias (TSVs) and bumps. There are five generations of HBM, starting with the original HBM and followed by HBM2, HBM2E, HBM3, and HBM3E—an extended version of HBM3.

The HBM3E 12H provides a bandwidth of up to 1,280 gigabytes per second (GB/s) and a memory capacity of 36 gigabytes (GB). In comparison to the 8-stack HBM3 8H, both aspects have improved by more than 50 percent.

“The industry’s AI service providers are increasingly requiring HBM with higher capacity, and our new HBM3E 12H product has been designed to answer that need,” said Yongcheol Bae, executive vice president of memory product planning at Samsung Electronics.

12H in the same height as 8H

The HBM3E 12H makes use of thermal compression non-conductive film (TC NCF) so that the 12-layer products have the same height specification as 8-layer ones to meet current HBM package requirements. The technology is anticipated to have added benefits especially with higher stacks as the industry seeks to mitigate chip die warping that come with thinner die.

Samsung has reduced the thickness of its NCF material and now offers a distance between die of 7 microns while eliminating voids between layers.

Samsung’s TC NCF also improves thermal properties of the HBM stack by enabling the use of bumps in various sizes between the chips. During the chip bonding process, smaller bumps are used in areas for signals and larger ones are placed in spots that require heat dissipation.

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