Samsung shows internal and external startup accelerators at CES 2021

Samsung shows internal and external startup accelerators at CES 2021

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Four projects from Samsung’s C-Lab Inside and seventeen startup companies from C-Lab Outside to be showcased at CES 2021
By Nick Flaherty


Samsung Electronics is unveiling four projects in progress at in-house startup accelerator programme C-Lab Inside at the CES 2021 show this week.

Seventeen startups supported by the external accelerator C-Lab Outside as also participating.

The four in-house projects from Samsung staff cover include an automated TV picture quality calibration application for cinema-level viewing quality from EXcal, a portable oxygen storage device call Air Pocket, an IoT device & solution for fabric classification and optimal care recommendation and an app for pairing food and wine.

The external accelerator was set up in 2018  withlocal startup incubation programs by Daegu Center and Gyeong-buk Center for Creative Economy & Innovation, and these are exhibiting at CES for the first time.

These range from AI-based personal information anonymization by Deeping Source and Luple, which has developed a portable and artificial sunlight device, to Breathings, a maker of an IoT device that easily manages respiratory health and Linkface which has developed a neckband device that monitors breath and heart related bio signals. A high precision positioning service using smartphone sensors called WATA is also part of the accelerator.

“We hope that the startups from C-Lab Outside successfully prove their technological competencies and competitive edge on the global stage at CES and will find new business opportunities,” Inkuk Hahn, Corporate VP and Head of Creativity & Innovation Center at Samsung Electronics. “We are also excited about bringing C-Lab Inside projects to a wider audience. Encouraging forward-thinking innovations both inside and outside the company and providing opportunities for collaboration is crucial successful synergy in technology, which in the end will benefit everyone.”

Samsung plans to accelerate 300 Korean startups through C-Lab Outside and 200 projects through C-Lab Inside for the next 5 years.

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