SAS storage interface meets bandwidth requirements of 6 Gb/s to 12 Gb/s

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FCI’s Mini-SAS HD product offering is fully compliant to the SFF-8643 (internal applications) and SFF-8644 (external applications) industry specifications. Available internal and external board connector styles include 1X1 (4x), 1X2 (8x), and 1X4(16x) configurations for ultimate customer choices and design flexibility. These board connector configurations enable 4x and 8x internal and external cable assembly solutions, which include EEPROM communication, for complete end-to-end solutions. The Mini SAS HD products have a current rating of 0.5A max and a characteristic impedance of 100 +/- 15 Ohms. They meet RoHS specifications and they carry UL approval.
FCI’s cable assembly offerings also include legacy cables where one end of the cable has the mini-SAS HD connectors and the other end is the older mini-SAS based connector systems. All internal cable assemblies also include the capability for added side band signalling and are capable of being bent 90 degrees during cable routing without degradation of the high speed signalling. The Mini-SAS HD design is also fully PCI Express-compatible and can be utilized in those architecture applications.

Robust metal cages and stamped metal EMI fingers on the external board connector systems and cables replace problematic EMC elastomeric gaskets and provide full 360° EMI shielding to each connector port.  Eye-of-the-needle terminations on the connector and cage enables a straightforward single-step termination process and ensures consistent application to the PCB. 

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