Satellite NTN connectivity for wearables and low power IoT devices

Satellite NTN connectivity for wearables and low power IoT devices

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By Jean-Pierre Joosting

Murata and Skylo are demonstrating the next generation of cellular and satellite services at Mobile World Congress. Combining Skylo’s non-terrestrial network (NTN) with the Type 1SC advanced, ultra-small, low-power, cellular IoT module from Murata enables seamless, ubiquitous connectivity. This allows device manufacturers to connect devices such as wearables, sensors, and trackers directly over satellite without requiring new hardware or specialized equipment.

The Type 1SC module claims to be the world’s smallest form factor LTE Cat M/NB-IoT module with global certification and satellite NTN. It supports GPS/GNSS, OpenMCU, and Integrated SIM to enable the applications that are moving the market forward, such as dual-mode cellular IoT. In addition to its unparalleled size, low power, and cost-efficiency, the module’s high level of integration cuts time to market and reduces customers’ development and deployment costs. Further, current Type 1SC module customers can adopt this new feature without the need to alter hardware.

Skylo, an NTN service provider, enables compatible devices to connect over existing geostationary satellites. This allows users with compatible cellular devices to toggle between terrestrial and non-terrestrial connectivity as long as the user has access to the open sky. Its direct-to-device service is powered by its standards-based technology, including an NTN-capable RAN and core with a modem firmware update.

“By leveraging Skylo’s technology, we can bring a level of seamless connectivity in a single module that was not possible before,” said Mehul Udani, VP Corporate Technology and Innovation at Murata. “This collaboration enables a new class of IoT systems without design complexity and additional hardware cost.”

“Skylo is working with Murata to extend the availability of satellite connectivity to a broad range of IoT devices and wearables to define new customer experiences that weren’t possible before,” added Tarun Gupta, co-founder & Chief Product Officer at Skylo. “We are offering Murata’s modules with Skylo’s satellite connectivity to the world’s leading OEMs and developers, delivering on the promise that anyone, anything, anywhere can be connected.”


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