Scalable LED holder platform enables advanced chip on board LED arrays

Scalable LED holder platform enables advanced chip on board LED arrays

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The TE solderless LED holder provides a quick and easy solderless connection to chip on board (COB) array LEDs. This low cost, straightforward design provides dependable power connection, mechanical attachment and reliable thermal hold down force necessary for the LED array. The holder eliminates soldering challenges and allows the direct attachment of LEDs to a heat sink using standard screws, making designs more reliable, easier to use, and faster to market. They are quick and simple to install, decreasing installation time while increasing reliability and quality control.

The holders are available for 24 different LED families, including two piece corner connectors for ultimate flexibility and one piece preassembled units configured to each LED package size dramatically simplifying assembly. The optional metal thermal spring enhances pressure on heat sink for a variety of thermal interface materials without damage to ceramic substrates while the housing design minimizes obstructed light output from LED. TE uses white lighting grade materials with high reflectivity properties and rounded corners to minimize shadowing. An optical keep out zone provides a clear landing area for secondary optics.

The TE Holders are RoHS compliant and suitable for a variety of commercial, residential and general lighting applications such as spotlights, downlights, retrofit bulbs and retail and hospitality lighting

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