Scalable security platform for LPWA IoT applications

Scalable security platform for LPWA IoT applications

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By Ally Winning

The new solution makes protecting data from malicious third parties very simple. The data is protected both on the device and from the device to the cloud. The solution is easy to integrate, simple, secure, and cheap, speeding up development for IoT applications.

The IoT Security-as-a-Service offering is managed through the u-blox Thingstream service delivery platform. It has been optimized for low power wide area (LPWA) deployments on resource-constrained IoT devices. The substantial reduction of data overhead and keeping the number of handshakes to a minimum allows the service to reduces power consumption and prolongs battery life.

A unique symmetric key management system (KMS) can generate an infinite number of crypto keys on the fly for each device. This is an alternative to relying on the storage and management of pre-shared keys. Keys are tied to the hardware and can be triggered from the module or the server/cloud. This method eliminates the need to create, deliver, and renew certificates, and brings savings in terms of system cost, operational complexity, and power consumption.

The solution also uses u-blox’s Foundation security offering. The offering consists of fundamental elements that make SARA-R4 and SARA-R5 modules secure by design. These elements include a unique and immutable device identity that has been tied to its root of trust (RoT). This forms the basis for a trusted set of advanced security functionality, including a secure boot mechanism to guarantee that the module can only run trusted software. Additionally, u-blox’s proprietary uFOTA feature allows authentication of over-the-air firmware updates.

“We implemented a true end-to-end concept that protects data from the device to the end user without making it visible to intermediate nodes or platforms, or to service providers. The modules’ symmetric KMS offers engineers a streamlined and scalable alternative to conventional public key infrastructure or pre-shared key arrangements,” says Giovanni Solito, Senior Product Manager, Product Center Services at u-blox. “And with straightforward onboarding to all the popular cloud IoT platforms, efforts are not taken up by security concerns and operational complexities, but can be focused on speeding up time to market and growing business.”
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