Scope option enabels FlexRay interface testing

Scope option enabels FlexRay interface testing

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Manufacturers in the automotive industry's premium segment frequently rely on FlexRay as a communications interface, and can now benefit from the high acquisition rate and accuracy of RTO oscilloscopes from Rohde & Schwarz. A new option offers all the features needed for fast and reliable FlexRay debugging.
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The design of the RTO oscilloscopes from Rohde & Schwarz enables users to perform measurements quickly with reliable results. The company is now adding to its product portfolio a trigger and decoding option for the FlexRay serial communications interface.

In the automotive industry, this interface type must be tested for errors before it is put into operation. The new option makes this job much easier by triggering on FlexRay-specific protocol data. The acquired waveforms are then decoded into easily readable protocol content.

The hardware-based trigger system provides high acquisition rates to ensure fast debugging. A wide range of protocol-specific trigger conditions allows for highly flexible testing and debugging approaches. Test dialogs are very intuitive because explanatory graphics and links to other settings facilitate configuration. To present measurement results in a clear-cut and straightforward manner, protocol details in the measured waveform are color-coded and protocol data is compiled in tables.

For further information, visit R&S RTO-K4


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