Scottish infrared sensor maker sees Covid-19 boost

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By Nick Flaherty

Scottish sensor maker Pyreos has seen a significant revenue growth as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Its sensors are used in medically approved breath analysis applications for critical care settings and also in sensors for breath analysis for handheld battery powered consumer health products.

Pyreos is a major supplier of sensors for capnography, a high-speed breath analysis technique based on infrared CO2 measurement has numerous applications including for Covid-19 treatments and has become mandatory in many hospitals worldwide.

Pyreos sensor revenues in this application increased 5x in 2020 compared to last year and Pyreos sensors are now in at least 10 end user systems worldwide. 2021 volumes are expected to continue growing based on orders taken so far. By the end of 2020, firm orders for 2021 are already half that of 2019.

Pyreos sensors are also used for breath analysis in consumer health products, often in attractive hand-held battery-powered devices connected to smartphone apps. Pyreos revenues in this market grew 3x in 2020 vs 2019 and are dominated by the surface mount pyroelectric detectors.

Pyreos thin-film pyroelectric sensors are significantly faster than any other thermal detectors and are five times faster than other sensors. They start up and stabilise extremely quickly and are very stable in varying temperatures, for example in hospitals. These strengths make them the first choice for medical breath analysis systems.

The Pyreos adds ultra-low power and small size.

Customers with supply chain problems have quickly integrated the ezPyro SMD digital subsystems for breath analysis applications using the Pyreos development and prototyping tools.

“At the outset of Covid-19, the Pyreos team worked to increase output and have continued working to satisfy much greater demand. I’d like to thank them for their commitment and ingenuity. Existing Pyreos customers were able to grow their businesses and several new customers have been able to start production. Our very fast integrated pyroelectric products have won business away from competitors including from other technologies such as thermopile and photodetectors even in the most competitive CO2 detection applications,” said Andrew Wallace, CEO at Pyreos.

“Pyreos is strengthening its reputation for delivering high-performance, high-speed and stable sensor solutions and the ezPyro range is helping our customers to reduce system cost and time-to-market. We look forward to further growth and customer partnership in 2021.”

In addition to capnography, demand for Pyreos’ sensors for consumer healthcare and breath analysis applications includes products aimed at diet and nutrition, fertility, and sports performance measurement.

Products used for capnography include the PY2343, PY0234, PY2572, ePY12231. This web page provides more information on Pyreos capnography implementations and products, and this company blog demonstrates how affordable capnography kits can support low-income economies.

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