SD card and MicroSD card series for industrial use supports up to 1.5 billion rewrite cycles

SD card and MicroSD card series for industrial use supports up to 1.5 billion rewrite cycles

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The MMGBA Series of SD/SDHC cards and MUGBA Series of MicroSD cards from TDK offer high durability, advanced error correction and a lifetime monitoring function, making them well suited to industrial applications in which reliability and long service life are important features.
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The TDK product uses high-speed, high-durability Single Level Cell (SLC) NAND type flash memory instead of the Multi-Level Cell (MLC) type NAND flash memory commonly found in SD cards. Global static wear levelling achieves high-performance distributed writing, and storage life meets the requirements of industrial equipment characterised by high usage frequency and long service periods. In addition, the rewrite life monitoring function that is highly valued by users of TDK’s CF cards and SSDs has also been implemented in the MMGBA and MUGBA Series. Compliant with SDA specification Ver 2.0, SDHC Class 10 (4 GB and higher, 2 GB and lower: SD Class 6), the devices offer speeds of 19 MB/s read and 15 MB/s write access.

Static blocks such as OS/FAT are also periodically levelled, which drastically improves the lifespan of the installed flash memory. The 8 GB type for example supports 1.5 billion rewrite cycles. Even at a rate of 5 rewrites per second, this equates to an expected service life of 10 years. Using technology developed for NAND type flash memory controllers, CF cards, and SSDs, a proprietary algorithm reduces the risk of collateral data errors such as corruption of data other than the data being written if power is interrupted when writing data. The TDK cards incorporate 16-bit/1-KB ECC and offer SDA compliant content protection CPRM capability.

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