Sealed Connection System for vehicles, now in distribution

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The Molex ML-XT Sealed Connection System, available from Mouser Electronics, uses Molex XRC terminals with maximum current ratings of 13A at 500V. Available in 2, 4, 6, and 18-circuit count systems in nine color-coded housings, the ML-XT connectors feature one-piece liquid silicone rubber (LSR) plug housing and seal design to prevent entry of fluids and chemicals. The rear seals are made from high-consistency rubber (HCR) to prevent damage during insertion and extraction. With the most reliably sealed system of comparable connectors, ML-XT connectors have an IP68 rating and are ideal for aggressive wire routings and exposed harnesses in harsh environments.

The sealed connection system provides definitive and repeatable retention of the seals during mating and unmating, and guarantees correct seal positioning to ensure seal integrity. These connectors eliminate the risk of lost or forgotten seals during installation and maintenance.

The system at hand is designed for automotive applications including agricultural and construction equipment and water-going vehicle), field sensors, and instrumentation.

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