Sealed M12 connector suits applications up to 630V and 16.0A

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Submitted for IEC and ANSI/EIA acceptance, Molex aims to establish an open-industry connector standard to increase adoption among a wide array of platforms and manufacturers.

Designed for factory-automation applications requiring up to 630V and 16.0A, three times the power of standard M12 connectors, Brad M12 Power Connectors accommodate the common wire gauge sizes used in power applications. The connector system provides the industry’s most robust keying and polarisation for enhanced performance and blind mating, plus enclosed electrical contacts for finger safety; connectors available with 4-pin and 4-pin plus PE ground pin.

The IP67-sealed interface ensures a sealed connection; ideal for use in harsh and wet industrial environments. The Brad M12 power connector system is available in AC (630V, 12.0A, 2 to 4-pins plus PE (Protective Earth) ground pin) and DC (63V, 16.0A, 2 to 4 pins with optional PE ground pin) versions. The AC version carries 630V (2ΦY(120/208V), 3ΦY(277/480V) and 3ΦD(120/208/240V)) power circuits (pins for L1, L2, L3, N plus PE ground circuits), and the DC version accommodates up to 2 DC power circuits (2x V-/2x V+) or 1 DC circuit plus PE and up to 63V.

The robust keying system of the Brad M12 Power Connectors significantly reduces the chance of connector mismating and ensures blind mate capability for easy connections in hard-to-view installation areas. The pins are enclosed in a contact carrier that provides finger safety by eliminating the chance of electrical shock due to exposed pins. For additional system safety, the centre (AC Version) or 4th pin (DC Version) PE ground pin provides first-mate-last-break engagement.

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