Sealed synchronous servomotors with torques between 0.18 and 180 Nm

Sealed synchronous servomotors with torques between 0.18 and 180 Nm

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The AM3000 servomotors from Beckhoff Automation feature a stator that is not wound outside the housing but inside through a needle winder. With conventional technology, the winding is pressed into the grooved laminated core. This only achieves a copper filling ratio (which determines the maximum torque) of approx. 40 %. Furthermore, the insulation layer has to be significantly thicker in order to protect the wire from mechanical stress and prevent damage. With pole winding, the copper wire is in close contact with the iron core.
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The wire insulation can be much thinner, since no pressing of the winding head is required. These measures lead to a significant increase in the proportion of “active“ copper, which determines the torque value, so that the performance of the AM3000 series is approximately 25–35 % higher, says the manufacturer. An additional benefit is that the motors are significantly shorter than conventional models. The AM3000 servomotors are characterised by an extremely low moment of inertia, robust design and high overload capacity.

The winding is sealed in order to eliminate air between the individual wires, since the thermal resistance of air is higher than that of epoxy resin. This further increases mechanical resilience, e.g. in case of vibrations. The AM3000 Synchronous Servomotors are available with eight different flange sizes. For each size, once the flange size has been defined, there is scope for variation in the length. The motors are offered with torques between 0.18 and 180 Nm and with a wide range of nominal speeds, so that for each application and gear ratio the motor with the optimum dimensions can be selected. The plug connectors for power and feedback are freely rotatable, making wiring of the whole machine easier. The servomotors can be delivered with a feedback option including a resolver, single-turn and multi-turn absolute encoders. The motors feature a protection class IP 65 with a shaft feed through rated to IP 54, optional IP 65/IP 65.

In a special version for the food industry, the motor conforms to protection class IP 67 and is equipped with a stainless steel shaft as well as a sealing ring. The coating is resistant to chemical substances from an acid pH range of 2 to an alkaline pH range of 12 maximum, and is resistant to chlorine, salt, humidity, corrosion, solvents, scratching.

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