Seamless Air Alliance shows technologies for inflight connectivity at Paris Air Show

Seamless Air Alliance shows technologies for inflight connectivity at Paris Air Show

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By Wisse Hettinga

Today, the first day of the Paris Air Show 2019, the Seamless Air Alliance with the support of its members GlobalReach Technology, Sprint and Boingo, is showing secure and seamless connection to high-performance inflight Wi-Fi using Hotspot 2.0 Wi-Fi services and discuss the opportunities that 5G presents to the airline industry and inflight connectivity.

Hotspot 2.0 is an important tool that has been a part of the Seamless Air Alliance’s extensive work across Wi-Fi, cellular and 5G technologies as its membership continues to promote open standards for inflight connectivity equipment.

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“This demonstration is a big step for the Alliance in showcasing the progress that we have made in recent months. We want to empower airlines with more control over the connectivity experience delivered to their passengers. Open specifications will drive down the cost and complexity for airlines and result in a better experience for billions of passengers across the globe,” said Jack Mandala, CEO of Seamless Air Alliance.

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“Seamless Air Alliance will deliver industry advances that makes our customers’ lives better. Seamless connectivity from ground to in-air provides an entirely new level of convenience, productivity and entertainment for travelers,” said Doug Smith, Vice President of Product Marketing and Innovation, Sprint.

Today, mobile network operators all over the world use Hotspot 2.0 technology to automatically configure consumer devices to connect to select Wi-Fi networks at airports, hotels and other venues using the necessary encryption protocols and without any user interaction. In this same manner, Hotspot 2.0 credentials can be used to extend carrier networks for seamless inflight connectivity to passengers of participating operators.

Mark Carter, Chief Product Officer at GlobalReach Technology said, “Wi-Fi is crucial for today’s travellers. Airline passengers want to stay connected in the air for work, entertainment and communications, making high-performance inflight Wi-Fi essential. To differentiate both their ground and inflight experience, improve satisfaction ratings and passenger loyalty, Hotspot 2.0 provides passengers with secure, frictionless connectivity across multiple devices and planes.”

“Boingo launched the world’s first large-scale commercial Hotspot 2.0, Boingo Passpoint, at Chicago O’Hare International Airport in 2013,” said Dr. Derek Peterson, Chief Technology Officer at Boingo. “Now we drive secure, seamless Passpoint traffic from various carriers at airports, arenas and other large venues across the globe. Boingo is a connectivity leader on the ground, so we’re looking forward to working with Seamless Air Alliance partners to establish the next generation of connectivity in the air.”

To encourage a broad range of airline membership the Seamless Air Alliance has announced a new membership tier designed to enable airlines of all sizes to join and participate.


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