Seaworthy Internet of Things Solution

Seaworthy Internet of Things Solution

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By Wisse Hettinga

SignalK offers a Free and Open Source universal marine data exchange format

Implementing a rich IoT environment with measurements, communications, controls and security is not an easy task. Now if you take that all and decide to implement that on a boat, sailing the channels and seas, that will be a completely different challenge.

That is where SignalK comes in. Developed ‘by boaters for boaters’, with the intention of using the latest mobile and web technologies to give you access to the same experiences on your boat as you have on land. Many of the developments happening in home automation and the “Internet of Things”, can be marinised for use on pleasure boats, bringing new functionality and solutions, that will enrich your boating activities.

Signal K is more than just a data standard, it is also the mobile apps, server software, web apps and compatible hardware that generates and handles this new open data format. On this website, we have information and links that will help boaters learn more about the features and benefits of Signal K and how to setup their own Signal K system. In addition we have information and links that will help developers and marine electronics manufacturers quickly understand the Signal K technology and how they can support it in their products.

Signal K is a modern and open data format for marine use. Built on standard web technologies including JSON, WebSockets and HTTP, Signal K provides a method for sharing information in a way that is friendly to WiFi, cellphones, tablets and the Internet. A format available to everyone, where anyone can contribute, Signal K is the first truly open data format for the marine industry and is set to revolutionise how we consume and interact with data on boats.

All Signal K source code is published under the Apache License, Version 2.0 and everything else, like protocols and interface descriptions, under the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA license.

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