Second generation AI vision processor targets smart cameras 

Second generation AI vision processor targets smart cameras 

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By Nick Flaherty


Well funded Israeli chip startup Hailo has launched a second family of AI processors, this time aimed at smart cameras.

The Hailo 15 family AI vision processors are designed for integration directly into intelligent cameras to provide video processing and analytics at the edge in applications such as smart cities.

The family ranges from the Hailo-15H with 7TOPS of AI performance through the Hailo-15M to the  Hailo-15L with 20TOPS, which it says is five times that of the Hailo 8 device. Hailo has not specified how many machine learning processing blocks are in each member of the family to achieve this performance.

The Hailo-15H is capable of running the state-of-the-art object detection model YoloV5M6 with high input resolution (1280×1280) at real time sensor rate, or the industry classification model benchmark, ResNet-50, at 700 frame/s. 

The Hailo-15 block diagram

The Hailo-15 block diagram

All the Hailo-15 processors support multiple input streams at 4K resolution and combine a CPU and DSP subsystems with Hailo’s field-proven AI core. 

The local processing allows smart city operators to more quickly detect and respond to incidents says Hailo, as Hailo-15-empowered cameras can carry out significantly more video analytics, running several AI tasks in parallel including faster detection at high resolution to enable identification of smaller and more distant objects with higher accuracy and less false alarms. Manufacturers can use this capability to increase productivity and machine uptime while retailers can protect supply chains and improve customer satisfaction.

As well as object recognition, the AI capacity can also be used for video enhancement and much better video quality in low-light environments, for video stabilization, and high dynamic range performance. 

“Hailo-15 represents a significant step forward in making AI at the edge more scalable and affordable,” said Orr Danon, CEO of Hailo. “With this launch, we are leveraging our leadership in edge solutions, which are already deployed by hundreds of customers worldwide; the maturity of our AI technology; and our comprehensive software suite, to enable high performance AI in a camera form-factor.” 

“By creating vision processors that offer high performance and low power consumption directly in cameras, Hailo has pushed the limits of AI processing at the edge,” said KS Park, Head of R&D for Truen, specialists in edge AI and video platforms. “Truen welcomes the Hailo-15 family of vision processors, embraces their potential, and plans to incorporate the Hailo-15 in the future generation of Truen smart cameras.” 

“With Hailo-15, we’re offering a unique, complete and scalable suite of edge AI solutions,” Danon concluded. “With a single software stack for all our product families, camera designers, application developers, and integrators can now benefit from an easy and cost-effective deployment supporting more AI, more video analytics, higher accuracy, and faster inference time, exactly where they’re needed.” 

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