Second life for traction batteries in Amsterdam football arena

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By Christoph Hammerschmidt

The 3-megawatt energy storage system in the Johan Cruijff Arena, the stadium of football club Ajax Amsterdam, is intended to ensure a more reliable energy supply in the stadium. The system consists of bidirectional inverters from Eaton and traction batteries. A large proportion of the batteries had previously been used in electric vehicles. The batteries have already reached the end of their life cycle and are therefore much more sustainable than new battery systems, the companies argue. Battery cells with a total capacity of 2.8 MWh are installed. This corresponds to the battery capacity of 148 Nissan Leafs.

Thanks to the energy storage system, the stadium can use the solar energy it generates more sustainably and intelligently. In addition, the football club can market its stored energy. In the event of a power failure, the battery storage will provide the arena with a considerable amount of energy. The stadium thus increases its supply safety and also contributes to stabilising the electricity grid in the Netherlands.

With a total capacity of 3 MW, the storage system can store the energy of the 4,200 solar modules on the roof of the arena. The energy stored would be sufficient to supply 7,000 households with electricity for one hour. Especially at major events, the energy storage system provides backup power, reduces the use of diesel generators and relieves the power grid by buffering peak loads.

A hardware and software solution from The Mobility House, which manages the electric vehicle batteries, is used to operate the energy storage system. The Mobility House also developed and integrated the necessary interfaces to the energy management system of the Arena and the Dutch network operator Tennet. In the next step, up to 200 uni- and bidirectional charging stations are to be integrated into the Johan Cruijff Arena to connect electric vehicles to the power grid using vehicle-to-grid applications.

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