Secure bootable USB flash drive works independently of the host device’s OS

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As the secure bootable USB works independently of the host device’s operating system, the risk from malware infection is eradicated. MOVE provides trusted-access to corporate information from untrusted computer at home or in a public space.MOVE allows people to work securely because the configuration of the PC is irrelevant and untouched.

MOVE is also suitable when users are prevented from working at their usual office locations: maybe during the Olympics or following a disaster. It offers users a quick and easy remote working capability, where they have not been provisioned with expensive corporate laptops. Working in combination with an AppGate Security Server, this USB flash drive is a bootable device that contains a full operating system, the AppGate client, a web browser, a Microsoft compatible Office Suite email client, and other applications required to complete daily tasks. In addition, MOVE includes an encrypted partition for user data, so it does not use local PC hard drive meaning no trace or residue is left when the session to the AppGate server is closed.

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