Security manager IC with 1024 bytes of nonimprinting memory

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Additionally, the DS3660 device features an internal 1.8V bias source to power low-voltage external SRAM that can be used to store less critical data, and it is configurable to operate with a low-voltage microprocessor for battery-operated devices. Combining internal tamper monitors with tamper-detection inputs that interface with external sensors, this device offers the highest level of system security, claims the manufacturer.

The DS3660 is most appropriate for ultra-secure applications where more than one tamper trigger needs to be monitored. The on-chip battery-backup controller constantly monitors the main power (VCC) and automatically switches to the battery (VBAT) when the main power is too low or not present at all.

Drawing only 4microamps (typ) of battery current, the chip can retain critical information and monitor tampers while on battery power. The DS3660 is fully specified over the -55 to +95ºC extended temperature range. It is available in a 7x7mm, lead-free, 49-ball CSBGA package. Visit Maxim Integrated Products at

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