Security platform protects automotive ECUs

Security platform protects automotive ECUs

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By Christoph Hammerschmidt

The new joint hardware/software platform solution comprises Renesas’ RH850/P1x-C Series of automotive safety MCUs that combine on a single-chip: functional safety, security, and vehicle control network technologies, with ESCRYPT’s CycurHSM, a security software stack. 

The new solution reduces development time and integrates security functions in safety-critical automotive ECU applications. Additionally, the solution serves as a stepping stone to achieve autonomous driving by accelerating the integration of safety and security functions.

The RH850/P1x-C Series integrates a hardware security module (ICU-M) with a co-processor supporting data encryption, authentication and random number generation to address these mission-critical security requirements in vehicle systems. CycurHSM complements the security features in hardware with additional security services, e.g., secure boot, secure flashing, and debugging.

The ICU-M provides security services based on private and public key cryptography that allow advanced cyber-security use case implementations. The ICU-M includes dedicated secure code/data flash, enhanced debug control methods by dynamic authentication, fast AES engine with multiple execution contexts and complex ciphering modes, pseudo random number generation seeded by true random number generator compliant with AIS-31, and many other security features.

CycurHSM is a scalable solution, ranging from SHE (Note 4) and SHE+ up to full HSM functionality (such as secure flashing, secure onboard communication, advanced mechanisms for secure boot, secure debugging, or feature activation). CycurHSM runs on the ICU-M and provides dedicated software interfaces to make use of the full power of HSM technology. ESCRYPT’s HSM security stack will be available for further Renesas MCUs in the near future.

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