Seeing Machines, ADI team for smarter driver monitoring systems

Seeing Machines, ADI team for smarter driver monitoring systems

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By Christoph Hammerschmidt

With a combination of computer vision technology and artificial intelligence, Analog Devices (ADI) and Seeing Machines aim to perfect driver and occupant monitoring systems for vehicles (DMS/OMS).

Seeing Machines is contributing its expertise in computer vision and AI while ADI is bringing a dedicated infrared driver for powers up to 100W.

The collaboration combines ADI’s advanced infrared driver and high-speed Gigabit Multimedia Serial Link (GMSL) camera connectivity solutions with the artificial intelligence (AI) of Seeing Machines’ DMS and OMS software which is designed to generate indicators of driver fatigue or distraction by monitoring gaze direction and constancy as well as eyelid movements and evaluating head and body position.

Euro NCAP boosts DMR/OMR developments

The background to the joint work e effort – and the current glut of sensors and components for DMR/OMR systems – is the current version of the General Safety Regulations (GSR) of the European Commission and the European New Car Assessment Program (Euro NCAP) – these will require DMR/OMR systems to be installed in cars in the future. It is also expected to enable future occupant monitoring functions and a range of options for the placement of cameras in the vehicle interior that were previously not feasible due to issues with energy efficiency, functional safety, hardware space requirements and image quality.

Semi-autonomous driving systems rely on in-cabin DMS and OMS to detect and address driver fatigue and distraction. These systems must operate in all lighting conditions and require appropriate infrared illumination to ensure the image quality required for real-time eye tracking on a frame-by-frame basis. ADI and Seeing Machines’ combined solution leverages ADI’s industry-first infrared driver for DMS and OMS, which can deliver up to 100W of peak power in a compact and feature-rich solution. This enables a non-intrusive, smaller camera module in the vehicle cabin.

Seeing Machines’ AI software interprets the signals from the optical hardware, monitors and diagnoses the problem, and, combined with ADAS capabilities, enables signals to be output to alert drivers and vehicle occupants as needed.

“Interior monitoring is complex and requires careful integration of infrared illumination, image capture, data processing and algorithm layers to achieve real-time response,” said Yin Wu, director of automotive product line management at Analog Devices. “Together with Seeing Machines, we are supporting the automotive industry with pragmatic solutions that help reduce collisions and save lives.”

Central Components of joint developments in the DMR/OMR arena are ADI’s MAX25614 IR LED driver and GMSL serializer and deserializer (SerDes) connectivity solutions as well as Seeing Machines’ FOVIO DMS and OMS solutions.


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