SEGGER connects J-Link to ARM’s DS-5

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While the DS-5 Development Studio has been used for projects using the Cortex-A and -R processors, it is increasingly of interest to designers using the Cortex-M microcontrollers. J-Link is a popular debug probe in the ARM world and supporting DS-5 via the Remote Device Debug Interface (RDDI) allows high speed download speeds of up to 3.0 MBytes/s, as well as allowing the user to set an unlimited number of breakpoints even when debugging in flash memory.
The flash download technology of the SEGGER J-Link is also covered by J-Link DS-5 support, achieving performance very close to the maximum possible programming speed of the flash while fully maintaining the highest standards in reliability. The SEGGER flash loaders also include a verification of each block written and final checksum verification to guarantee proper operation.
“We think the J-Link high debug and download speed in combination with the availability of an unlimited number of breakpoints even when debugging in flash memory adds great value to the DS-5 solution which customers from ARM will definitely benefit from,” said Dirk Akemann, Marketing Manager at SEGGER.

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