Selectable resolution micro-step stepping motor driver IC

Selectable resolution micro-step stepping motor driver IC

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The TB6600HQ single-chip, PWM chopper-type bipolar micro-step stepping motor driver offers forward and reverse rotation control and selectable 1/1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 and 1/16 step resolution. A smooth sinusoidal output supports low-vibration, high-efficiency motor operation, while selectable phase drive selection (2-phase, 1-2-phase, W1-2-phase, 2W1-2-phase and 4W1-2-phase excitation modes) provides significant design flexibility. Because the TB6600HQ incorporates all PWM generation and encoding circuitry on chip a single clock signal is all that is needed for the automatic generation of the sinusoidal micro-step waveform.

This allows engineers to use the TB6600HQ to reduce the control overhead on a host microcontroller or to create designs in which a single host device controls multiple motors. The TB6600HQ is supplied in a HZIP25 package, has a built-in input pull-down resistance of 100kΩ and offers output monitor, reset and enable pins. On-board protection functionality comprises thermal shutdown (TSD), under-voltage lock out (UVLO) and over-current detection. Based on Toshiba’s 0.13μm BiCD process, the TB6600HQ has a high output withstand voltage (VCC) of 50V. A typical on resistance of just 0.4Ω and a stand-by function support high-efficiency designs.

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