Selfdriving suitcase uses AI for detect and avoid

Selfdriving suitcase uses AI for detect and avoid

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By Nick Flaherty

The autonomous driving radar and camera technology is integrated into the Rover Speed suitcase from Cowarobot, a growing Chinese unmanned vehicle technology company focused on building AI-powered autonomous products.

The luggage, part of a Kickstarter crowdsourcing campaign, is set to be released to early backers in January 2019 and is powered by a flight-approved 6400 mAh lithium battery that is removeable to avoid problems with batteries being carried on aircraft. This drives the wheels, powers the sensor sub-system and also acts as a powerbank to charge mobile equipment. The polycarbonate case is geofenced to 2m from the owner via Bluetooth, and uses a smartphone app acts as the controller.

“We are confident that travel pros will love the innovations this luggage essential will provide them,” said CEO He Tao. The suitcase is available for pre-order in Phantom Black and Racing Red.

Cowarobot currently has a partnership with Zoomlion, an urban sanitation company that is commercialising an unmanned street sweeper.

Cowarobot kickstarter page

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