Market research firm IC Insights is predicting growth of 10.8 percnt for the global semiconductor market in 2022, up 10.8 percent. 

The company is more bullish in its predictions that the World Semiconductor Trade Statisitics (WSTS), which predicted an 8.8 percent annual increase in 2022 after a 25.6 percent jump in 2021. IC Insights saw the semiconductor market grow 24.6 percent in 2021.

In 2022 sales growth is expected to slow, but remain above average, in all major semiconductor product categories.

The growth will be evenly spread across the IC and optoelectronics, sensors, discretes catergories with both showing 10.8 percent growth. The ICs market to be worth $565.1 billion and the rest of the semiconductor market – consisting of optoelectronics, sensors/actuators, and discretes (collectively, O-S-D devices) – to be worth $115.5 billion, IC Insights reckons.

In 2021 many semiconductor products could not keep up with demand. Unit purchases of ICs increased 22 percent but the value of the market increased 26.1 percent indicating that some average selling price (ASP) increases. On the OSD side shipments increased 20 percent but the value of the market increased 18.0 percent showing minor ASP depreciation.

IC Insights forecasts that more than 1.3 trillion semiconductor devices – about 432.0 billion ICs and 889.3 billion O-S-D devices – will ship in 2022, an increase of 10 percent for both segments. This indicates ASP increases coming in 2022.

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