Semtech and Virtual Extension expand wireless mesh network platform

Semtech and Virtual Extension expand wireless mesh network platform

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The chipset pairs Semtech’s SX1231 ISM-band transceiver with Virtual Extension’s VE209S wireless mesh controller to enable reliable wireless data transmission across greater distances, compared to lower Tx solutions.

The ultra-high, +17 dBm RF transmission power of the SX1231 makes this chipset ideal for network applications that need to fully utilize the maximum power allowed by European, North American and other worldwide regulations, as well as for battery-operated devices with up to a 12-year operating lifetime, or a combination of the two, all using very few external components. Designers of smart lighting, metering, alarms, security systems and other smart environment systems now have the highest-performance network solution available, either as chipsets for their own design, or as customized, ready-made modules.

A member of Semtech’s complete platform of ISM-band transceivers, the SX1231 is optimized for asynchronous sensor network designs over a wide frequency range, including the 433 MHz, 868 MHz and 915 MHz bands. The device offers the unique benefit of programmable narrow-band and wide-band communication modes, without the need to modify external components. It offers a world-class, 137 dB link budget and a high receive sensitivity of -120 dBm, along with a high transmitter output power of 17 dBm to enable reliable transmission over greater distances.

The SX1231 extends battery life with an ultra-low, 16 mA (typical) receive mode current consumption, 95 mA (typical) transmit current consumption (at +17 dBm), and a 0.1 µA (typical) sleep mode current consumption.

The VE209 family of high-performance mesh controllers serves as the main building block of a VEmesh network device, either a gateway or a node. These IP based mesh controllers have the necessary internal elements for performing all networking tasks and the required interfaces, for a wide choice of protocols, with DALI, MODBUS, RS232, USB and TCP/IP compatibility.

VEmesh devices provide highly reliable bi-directional communication and best-in-class range and coverage for distributed monitoring and data collection of smart lighting, smart metering and sensor systems. All VEmesh nodes also act as relays to retransmit data from other units in order to create a modular solution with no practical limitation to the number of nodes or size of coverage area.

Key features of the Semtech, Virtual Extension high transmission power wireless VEmesh include full bi-directional operation, the farthest range in class, very low power consumption for years of operation on a single battery, the fastest response in class providing low and predictable latency, and secure (frequency diversity) and resistant (space diversity) to multipath fading and propagation changes.

The wireless mesh chipsets and modules also require no knowledge, no training installation, and no need to manage software. They come with built-in unicast and broadcast capabilities. Further capabilities include instant addition and removal of nodes, with no network downtime and practically unlimited number of hops, with thousands of nodes per network. The wireless mesh chipsets and modules are also highly scalable — robustness and network range increase when the network expands.

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