Semtech endorses drive to test LoRa-enabled IoT devices

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By Nick Flaherty

Anritsu comments that with the LoRaWAN ecosystem expanding, the potential user base is demanding more advanced test and measurement tools to provide quality implementation of its IoT solutions. At present (February 2017) Anritsu is showing a preliminary version of a measurement solution for LoRaWAN product testing using T&M units from its range, such as the MS2830A RF Signal Analyzer/Signal Generator used in R&D and the MT8870A used in manufacturing tests. Anritsu is part of the LoRa Alliance and will work closely with the technical committee and its members to offer the required test and measurement products that will help the LoRa Alliance members design, certify and manufacture to the standards as required.


“The rapidly expanding number of LoRa-based sensor nodes around the world requires additional resources for testing and measurement,” said Vivek Mohan, Director of Wireless Products for Semtech’s Wireless and Sensing Products Group. “Anritsu’s measurement solutions will help ensure regulatory compliance of LoRa end nodes and quality of connections.”






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