Semtech’s Gearbox IC for UHD-SDI video format conversion, in distribution

Semtech’s Gearbox IC for UHD-SDI video format conversion, in distribution

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By Graham Prophet

The GS12070 enables broadcasters to employ a standards-based, off-the-shelf approach to UHDTV infrastructures. Alternative conversion technologies require equipment manufacturers to license third-party IP cores at an additional expense or develop in-house solutions at increased cost, design time and risk interoperability issues.


The GS12070 is a four-signal input and four-signal output device that can be directly interfaced to 1.2V CML I/O. The high-speed inputs and outputs include programmable trace equalization and de-emphasis drivers to compensate for high-frequency losses associated with board-level interconnect. Besides supporting conversions between multi-link, dual-link and single-link UHD-SDI interfaces, a bypass mode is also available where the inputs can be routed directly to the outputs.


Besides easing the system challenge of receiving multi-link SDI signals by automatically compensating for input channel skew, the device features automatic link ordering of incoming serial streams for multiplexing which reduces the cost and time spent troubleshooting cabling issues during the installation of multi-link UHD-SDI infrastructures. The link order can also be configured manually to compensate for cases where the cable order has been connected incorrectly. Additionally, the GS12070 features an integrated cross-point for UHDTV routing applications.


The GS12070 features 100 Ohm differential serial interfaces, allowing connection to Semtech equalizers, cable drivers as well as optical modules. Its launch coincides with the introduction of the GS12141 adaptive cable equalizer and GS12181 cable driver IC to add to the Semtech portfolio of 12G UHD-SDI solutions. With its integrated reclocker, the GS12141 extends cable reach at all data rates, and has output pre-emphasis to compensate for long PCB trace links simplifying PCB performance optimization. The GS12181 UHD-SDI cable driver has integrated retiming for lowest possible output jitter at all rates up to 12G. It also provides input trace equalisation to compensate for input trace links and a highly configurable output pre-emphasis to pre-compensate for PCB losses critical for optimising performance in 12G UHD-SDI designs.








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