Sensor hub upgraded for Android Marshmallow

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By Jean-Pierre Joosting

The sensor hub solution supports data fusion with 3-, 6- or 9-axis motion sensors and environmental sensors, including the BMA4-series, BHA250, BMM150, BMG250, BMI160, BMX160 and BME680. The library complies with the Android M Compatibility Test Suite 6.0.

In power-saving mode, with all low power sensor options enabled, the hub reduces power consumption to 0.1 mW. In full operating mode, with 29 motion sensors, 7 environmental sensors, Android M specified virtual sensors, always-on, wakeup and non-wakeup features running, the power consumption rises to 10 mW.

The sensor hub provides software to extract such information as: significant motion, step counter, step detector, tilt detector, linear acceleration, gravity detection, geomagnetic rotation, game rotation vector, rotation vector, heading with magnetic calibration, batching, activity recognition, gestures, hi-fi and pedestrian dead reckoning.

The Marshmallow library delivers improved performance in virtual sensor features such as step detection and counting, and offers firmware over the air (FOTA) update functionality.

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