Seoul Viosys introduces stacked microLED technology

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By Peter Clarke

Seoul Viosys, a subsidiary of Seoul Semiconductor, has introduced its RealOnePixel laminated multilayer microLED technology.

The stacked micro-LED developed by Seoul Viosys uses three chips representing red, green, and blue stacked vertically instead of the usual horizontal array. The vertical coincident stacking produces a single pixel that can be mixed to any color including white.

The stacked micro-LED can be used to manufacture 4K display screens of between 100 and 200 inches diagonal size, the company said.

It is not clear how much optical absorption takes place through the stack and whether this has to be addressed by driving deeper layers harder (brighter).

Seoul Viosys said it uses a molding technique to control the moiré fringe phenomenon and a low reflection technique to create a deep black and enable high contrast ratios to help view microLED displays in the light.

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