Serial protocol host adapter supports dual- and quad-SPI protocols

Serial protocol host adapter supports dual- and quad-SPI protocols

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Byte Paradigm announced SPI Storm, an advanced Serial Protocol Host Adapter controlled from PC through USB interface. The device is capable of accessing ASIC, SoC, FPGA and other digital embedded systems that use serial protocols up to 100 MHz at their I/Os. Serial protocol can be chosen from a library of standard protocols that includes: SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface), variants of SPI on 3 wires, and for the first time, dual-SPI and quad-SPI protocols.
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Alternatively, the SPI Storm Studio software allows the definition of custom protocols, including protocols requiring bidirectional signal lines. In addition, SPI Storm features a side 8-bit GPO (General-purpose Output) port that can be synchronized with the serial port, to extend the number of available signal for even more complex interfaces.

With 32 MB memory, 100 MHz operation and 3 specialized ports (a flexible serial port, 8-bit GPO and an 8-bit input trigger port), SPI Storm targets ASIC, SoC, FPGA and embedded system testing and debugging, when there is a need to access and interact in real time with interfaces that use standard and user-defined serial protocols.

SPI Storm will be available in March 2011 from Byte Paradigm and its network of worldwide distributors with cables, standard options and SPI Storm Studio software.

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