Seventh generation carrier grade Linux adds Yocto support

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Carrier Grade Edition 7 (CGE 7) from the subsidiary of network processor designer Cavium Networks brings new enhancements to security and up-time availability and includes support for the latest Yocto 1.2 specification alongside its key IPv6 support. The new features enable providers of Next-Generation Networks to handle the explosive growth and increase in traffic, specifically with the rapid adoption of cloud technology and the growth in multimedia and video rich content.
CGE 7 uses the Security Technology Implementation Guildline (STIG) and Common Criteria Operation System Protection Profile (OSPP) standards to build out the security features for the platform. Features in these guidelines that are applicable to network and embedded devices are included. As a trusted Operating System Vendor, MontaVista receives notification of all security fixes and CGE7’s security team provides rapid updates of any new security fixes to the CGE 7 platform. To help further improve uptime availability, Live Kernel Patching has been included in the product. This new feature allows kernel patching of a live system without bringing the system down, giving network managers more flexibility to schedule any down time required for maintenance of a system.
In 2009, MontaVista’s support of the Open Embedded build system Bitbake (now Yocto) laid the path for a major industry shift and CGE 7 is compliant to the Yocto v1.2 specification. Other specifications that MontaVista includes for the network infrastructure market in CGE 7 are: CGL 5.0, LSB 4.1, and IPv6 Certification Ready.
"CGE 7 contains new features along with many updated packages that help companies deliver the next generation of applications that satisfy the need for higher utilization of equipment and the dynamic network architectures that define today’s cloud based solutions in a high availability network," said Patrick MacCartee , Director of Marketing for MontaVista. "Improving the deterministic and real-time capabilities of KVM makes performance of the environments more predictable and reliable."
MontaVista is currently working with strategic customers with an early access program and CGE 7 will be generally available in 2Q2013.


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