Shaping atomically thin materials for mechanical nanoscale oscillators

Shaping atomically thin materials for mechanical nanoscale oscillators

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By Jean-Pierre Joosting

Adding a mechanical degree of freedom to the electrical and optical properties of atomically thin materials can provide an excellent platform to investigate various optoelectrical physics and devices with mechanical motion interaction. However, the large scale fabrication of such atomically thin materials with suspended structures remains a challenge.

The reserch team used a bottom-up approach to demonstrate wafer-scale, high-yield synthesis of suspended graphene nanoribbon. This method has shed light on growth dynamics and demonstrates that it is possible to integrate over 1,000,000 suspended graphene nanoribbons in wafer-scale substrate with a high yield of over 90 percent.

“Shaping atomically thin materials in suspended structures may provide a viable platform for nanoscale mechanical oscillators,” says Kato.

Suspended graphene nanoribbons in wafer-scale. Image courtesy of Toshiaki Kato.

Kato adds, “The actualization of high yield and wafer-scale synthesis of suspended graphene nanoribbon will have an impact on the study of graphene nanoribbon, and be used in practical applications in a wide variety of fields.”

Details of this study were published in Nature Communications.

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