Shrinking a supercapacitor

Shrinking a supercapacitor

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By Nick Flaherty

The 20F LIC1030RS3R8206 has a 10 mm diameter and 30 mm length and is the smallest member of the LITHOSION RS Series, providing a higher volumetric energy density than that of electric double layer capacitors.

These devices, often called supercapacitors, are aimed at peak energy assistance and backup power supply in servers, smart meters, and drive recorders. The LITHOSION capacitors have a high operating temperature limit of 85°C (at 2.5 to 3.5 V) and a very long life compared to lithium ion rechargeable batteries. In addition, this capacitor also has a high rated voltage of 3.8 V maximum (when the maximum operating temperature is 70°C) and achieves a volumetric energy density more than twice as large as that of electric double layer capacitors. This allows for an increase in the capacitance at the same volume, contributing to miniaturization of devices.

Servers and drive recorders require an emergency power supply as backup for data protection in the event of an emergency, such as a power failure and accident. On the other hand, smart meters, which require a large amount of energy within a short period of time for wireless data transmission, are equipped with a power storage device for peak assistance as a measure to supplement their power supply, and there has been a great need for the miniaturization of those power supplies for backup or peak assistance says the company.

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